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Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

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  • Easy To Earn Money - There are many ways to earn money in our site such as faucet, shortlinks, ptc, tasks, offerwalls, ...
  • Level System – Level up your account and climb the leaderboard to earn more money and unlock new features.
  • Fast Withdrawal – We pay you instantly or daily to your wallet or microwallet addresses.
  • User Friendly – The website is user friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices.

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Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
5829 Sree1431QCPm39Qz1h2Augqam912xfvmM18fP6nty 0.086462 USD
5828 serban16UJ2fgrfNHEkjwAp8iTEqTMsZjQFNZi3 0.0455 USD
5827 Taison20131JWrSJ9smFZLA5MRkcVFMCDETp8bndmqrf 0.03992 USD
5826 Prihod36aEC-UserId-291061 0.082339 USD
5825 Balikesirli16Mustafauluisik3131@gmail.com 0.030219 USD
5824 huehueEC-UserId-263407 0.01185 USD
5823 lyvanthay35YHkUxDFahfeVU2N4rRxvc7Az4J5WteUk 0.029116 USD
5822 Alii0071J7UhqvwqbR5PQy2nAcpmxzvUurgF1KPXg 0.075957 USD
5821 anjeEC-UserId-17125 0.010818 USD
5820 Zeinab12EC-UserId-432974 0.0494 USD
5819 ovamustEC-UserId-247640 0.207275 USD
5818 aleksandr56714uT7SvBcmo27bC3mGCB7mHFAGpdfCAmtD 0.0173 USD
5817 sasuke91745EC-UserId-172846 0.04541 USD
5816 lahiru33561QLHRLNvWdEhjCSNyYD4GPJzkQCRtFrC8f 0.0675 USD
5815 Drolf123EC-UserId-132573 0.053326 USD
5814 zarobiava177pFtMBYqx7p5SPz1Dh8vJ7REWcwdXjVd 0.0171 USD
5813 Bat83177qNu9X6mbWmGKbY33bMxHToXyqWXyjoN 0.010561 USD
5812 qqqwww1NJyWs63LWSDYrJMn5Fj6m543BxQyiPG8Z 0.018059 USD
5811 zarobiava177pFtMBYqx7p5SPz1Dh8vJ7REWcwdXjVd 0.0323 USD
5810 Usman34EC-UserId-20392 0.031211 USD

Frequently Asked Questions


Multiaccounting is not allowed! All Multiple Accounts get detected by our Bot and will be banned! Accounts suspected of Multiaccounting get checked by our Team and will be deleted if it really is a duplicate Account.

We share up to 5% of your friend earning for referring them. You can get your referral link in the Refferal Tab

Bots and VPN/Proxies will be detected by our System and will be banned!

There's no limit on how much you can earn. You can come back every day to do our Shortlinks, our Offerwalls and click our Pay-to-Click Ads. You can also use your Computer to mine our Tokens. Either by letting your Browser run or downloading our Software!