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Our Features

Faucet Claim

Earn cryptocurrency from our faucet page.

Auto Faucet

Earn cryptocurrency from the auto faucet.


Earn cryptocurrency by visiting various website.


Earn cryptocurrency from achivements.


Earn cryptocurrency by completing offers.

Level System

Earn cryptocurrency by leveling up.


Earn cryptocurrency from different contest.


Earn cryptocurrency from lottery.

Wheel of Fortune

Earn cryptocurrency from lottery.


Earn cryptocurrency from lottery.

Paid to Click

Earn cryptocurrency from paid to click.

Daily Bonus

Earn cryptocurrency from daily bonus.


Earn cryptocurrency from tasks.

Instant Payments

Your payments are made instantly.

Happy Users

Become one of our thousands of happy members!.

Mad Faucet

This faucet will earn you a lot of coins.


Earn cryptocurrency from dice.


Earn cryptocurrency from coinflip.

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Popup ads are not available on our website.

Last Payments

You can view the most recent payments made in this table.

# Username Address Amount
14576skillersltc1qga8tpvttjky2cccex8wp5y9g59q9mvnfsc8gce0.52315 USD
14575ludosikorltc1q3fwh22nwwpfgsvr8jdaxf4ys2kt8mm67ju53zp0.522825 USD
14574pelageyassltc1q5gwuuu7wd5fn20yzmrhpq8kcuramg38t2fty590.52065 USD
14573sashazpltc1qy7cx5h28gntcpc77je6f57vm0m7nr2vznc07rn0.523075 USD
14572ladavalaltc1q4qtnhxcyzhsz0a2p0v7pu7lt5flvd52z5z25ed0.5016 USD
14571CKA9753513asPzYnPAZYWTBrW61xDUsSHfPFzm7irS0.50819 USD
14570shvilenltc1q3e620uny7e70v7ghdd9tvnlhrtphmfn6q353w20.50145 USD
14569bossoronltc1qx3eeuap778hzt7vpw4p8sc8cpzcafyrcmvlp820.501675 USD
14568sedatsedat1Jevaw1DkT8iriHyTbYbwEnJZtTFwThFJb0.5513 USD
14567wenkus17UWP2eQ8kyEfMCRBCpqtm9v7iED3soPJP0.692654 USD
14566alisinsltc1qk40qntcsj83frczzdw4eflw8v6gs9md6wmdr950.59765 USD
14565danoterltc1qz0tgnhefyulqk8kulu4s6v79k7kg9jjckl47380.50175 USD
14564z775516ufJyNhModFv5irH5FSzNX1DWX4Sy3K7C0.54 USD
14563Eddy173NARBc25jZNw7zeEWzRtP4FfZk9KcCtafg0.50224 USD
14562suo73jantara3857@gmail.com1.482556 USD
14561gector7vltc1qmu8ezkjhfvxuuzjr5mz9s5kx90djykldrlv5500.5104 USD
14560simonful1FXYdP8KKSCQG93rPQ9Z9SWv5LbJpZj84Y0.5 USD
14559SuhartonowPundiku62@gmail.com0.56126 USD
14558Matto47matto4711@gmail.com0.796799 USD
14557urinanaltc1qhz59msadpwk98rzg48wpsjgdk9na87mjw00z9d0.5004 USD


Before joining our platform, read out the faq and answers listed below so you will have clear idea about our site and some rules.

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. Any of these violation may get you banned.

We don't allow bots, vpn or proxy. If anyone tries to use them, will get banned.

The minimum withdraw is 0.01$

Choose your preferred method and withdraw.